Move-it Play

Move-it Animals puts a fresh spin on the perennial favorite ‘pull-toy’ which has been delighting small children for over three thousand years.

Starting from scratch and looking at what makes for great play value in a pull-toy, the product has been meticulously engineered to involve, stimulate and entertain. The results are excellent stability, feel and action, (which enables the toy to ride easily over obstacles at speed), and also a host of added-value features encouraging creativity and experimentation.

The toy is made from the finest quality cardboard and is available with a choice of tops, (Duck, Horse and Butterfly), which clip securely into the robust triple wall industrial cardboard chassis. The wheels and axles are premium quality high performance board with a durable wipe-down parchment coating, and even the pull-cord is pure woven Kraft paper. As an addition to the cardboard tops, PDF templates will be available to download free from the website, offering the opportunity to print out a duck, horse or butterfly onto A4 self adhesive paper sheets, and stick them on. So should your child wish to create their own unique mallard but need guidance, the paint-by-numbers style PDF templates,  can be followed or challenged, as mood dictates.

Kids love to make things, pull them apart, or simply scribble on them, and the Kraft paper surfaces and adaptable material invite creative interaction and self expression allowing them to take ownership of their toy through personalizing it. The easy-to-assemble kit-based format encourages children to dismantle the toy, play with the parts, and assemble it again and again, and the basic toy can be considered as mere starting point for almost limitless possibilities of customization and mischief. Because of the natural cushioning quality of cardboard, the toy will not damage furniture and has more ‘give’ than wooden, metal or plastic toys which means it is harder for children to hurt themselves if they fall on the toy, or inadvertently strike themselves with it.

The Move-it Animals range comes with the option of an ingenious cardboard carry box which folds out into a sturdy, double-sided ramp. Once deployed, this helps define play territory and encourages the type of vigorous obstacle-scaling at which the toy is so adept. The carry box also brings an important message, which the youthful owner may come across and ponder over. On the back of the box is a simplified pictorial version of the entire lifecycle of both a pull-toy manufactured in the Far East, and Move-it Animals. The two parallel cradle to grave journeys begin with sourcing the raw materials, and progresses to show the stages of manufacture and distribution, through to disposal and beyond. The alarming disparity between the two scenarios indicates just how misguided corporate priorities can be from an environmental perspective and the simple icons used allow toddlers to gain a grasp of the situation.

In line with Move-it’s policy of segregating product from packaging, the cost of the Animals carry box is removed from the toy’s retail price allowing you to avoid paying for packaging you don’t want.

At Move-it we will do anything to try and keep our products out of the recycling bin, and our localized manufacture and distribution model allows cheap replacement parts to be quickly and easily sourced. The range of free downloads and different tops available insures that an old toy can become new again and if you have to say goodbye you can always drop it in the green bin, confident you will see it again someday as a box.

Toys lead short furious lives, but the materials they are made from usually have very long lives. Around 80% of the worlds toys are now made in China, most of them from plastics (from middle Eastern oil) combined with various other materials. When toys break or are not wanted they are often thrown out as landfill waste. Move-it Animals provides a tough, modern, first-step alternative to this wasteful profiteering at our planet’s expense, and the great play value, affordability and gentle environmental impact combine to make this an instant cardboard classic.


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