Move-it Mobile

Move-it on 450 x 450 x 300 box back e-mailMove-it wheels and handle 01Move-it on 450 x 450 x 300 box front

Move-it It is a compact self-assembly carriage system for boxes of up to 20Kg, made entirely of cardboard.

It is fully recyclable and lightweight and consists of a set of two wheels and a handled. Different configurations of these components allows the user to move boxes of almost any size and shape and the handle can be used either with the wheels or on its own.

The idea of Move-it is to enable people to shop in a spontaneous way, then deliver their goods themselves, without having to struggle with the size and weight, rely on cars, vans or taxis, or wait-in for delivery.

Among the many applications, the system will be available in large shops which vend boxed goods direct to the public, where customers who want to take their purchases there and then, can utilise the system to ease their journey home. Once home the product can be disposed of by being recycled with the cardboard box, saved with the box for future trips, or reused on another box (condition permitting). The system is designed for and can withstand a typical trip across the city on Public Transport and can even cope with rain and wet pavements.

What makes Moveit truly unique is that every single part is cardboard. Wheel, axle, chassis and handle can all be mashed up at the recycling facility and made into new cardboard products. The special repulpable water resistant coating applied to Move-it Wheels and Handle disperses harmlessly in the recycling process, and the wheels and baring surfaces actually prepare themselves for efficient recycling through use. The lubricant in the wheel baring is normally used up over a lengthy journey, but any residue aids recycling by reducing the foam head that can build up in the hydropulper.

Keenly aware of the gradual migration of the worlds population into towns and cities and of burgeoning oil prices, Move-it aims to decrease car and courier dependency in urban areas, empowering consumers to take responsibility for there actions in a way that celebrates the excitement and urgency of a new purchase. This should get more of us onto public transport and contribute to the change in attitude necessary to deal with the effects of finite resource depletion, in a positive and intelligent way.

Even a relatively light box carried over a short distance can prove problematic for an elderly person, and with a rapidly aging global population, this easy fix for heavier shopping will be a welcome option for many. The Move-it ‘trolley’ destigmatises carrying shopping around on wheels for young and old alike, as it makes no statement about the type of person you are, simply that you have just bought something, and want to get it home now.


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