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Move-it Industrial cardboard furniture is designed to have the lowest possible environmental ­­­impact over its life-cycle whilst accurately mirroring the needs of the modern world. The table has a carbon footprint of just 4.5Kg CO2 e. and offers effortless recycling, yet is light, portable and immensely strong with tough, water-resistant surfaces and a 150Kg payload enabling it to function in the most demanding situations.

The furniture is quick and easy to assemble or move, even for an elderly user, and the lightweight and forgiving nature of the materials means it is safe for young children and does not damage interior walls or floors. The speed of production and short lead times make the product uniquely placed to respond to natural disasters and conflict zones, and the low cost and ease of deployment make it the natural choice for large events.


The flat components are die-cut from a rigid, heavy-grade corrugated board coated with a two layer repulpable varnish, and the legs are spiral wound in high-performance board, with a wipe-down vegetable parchment shell.

Key Points

Low Cost

Has best strength/weight/CO2e/cost ratio of any mass-produced furniture.

1200mm x 600mm table can be point loaded 200 – 400Kg fails at 1.7 tons evenly loaded,

1200mm x 600mm table weighs 4.5Kg

Table top and legs resist knocks and scratches, spills can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The structure can be considered unbreakable in normal use.

Very light weight of furniture insures safer lifting, moving and assembly. Designed to fail gradually and safely if overloaded. Safety edges throughout.

Assembles in 20 seconds, and can be disassembled and packed away just as quickly.

Intuitive assembly with no need for tools or complicated instructions. So easy to carry and move, you can walk right out of the shop with it and home on public transport.

1200mm x 600mm table around 4.5Kg CO2 e over entire lifecycle (the same as breathing for 3.5 hours). Will be recycled at the end of its life, no matter how the user disposes of it.

Virtually any size, height, or colour is possible with integral 5 colour flexo printing.

Revolutionary furniture production

Manufacturing capacity 3000 table components an hour including printing with very short lead times.

International manufacture
Four year working relationship with multinational partners.

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