Move-it Products Ltd


Move-it (!) The whole thing is about empowerment. – Move-it. It means YOU personally can Move-it, you personally can make a difference in the world, and that change happens one person at a time. You think you know cardboard, think again.

Move-it products Ltd is a dynamic London based company created in 2011 to provides a commercial platform for a range of innovative, high-performance industrial cardboard products, developed by multi award-winning design engineer David Graham. The defining criteria that shaped the product range grew out of two major research projects undertaken in 2008/9, as part of the Industrial Design Engineering Double Masters course, at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College.

A group project concerned with waste reduction in high-volume product manufacture and distribution, and solo project exploring ‘Moving small loads in London on Public Transport’ created an uncompromising ethos: Whilst fiercely militant about waste reduction in product lifecycle, and of the need to accurately mirror and accommodate inherent human behaviour in all its complexity, the company is also keenly aware of the demands of high-volume manufacture through the large multinationals it works with, and of the cut-throat, margin-hungry retail world.

The outcome of Graham’s solo project was the irrepressible ‘Move-it’ cardboard box-shifter, a kit of self-adhesive cardboard wheels and handle, which earned him a Distinction and Professors Commendation upon graduating. The product has now won nine prestigious awards and nominations recognizing every conceivable aspect of design excellence and commercial potential. It has an unstoppable momentum that has attracted interest and support from some of the most influential people in the design and retail world including Sir Terence Conran and Sir James Dyson.

The company aims to carve a new niche in the global retail market with ‘Move-it’ and provide a range of truly sustainable, inclusive products based around a globally scalable model of localized manufacture and distribution. With a policy of total transparency the company will demonstrate that it is entirely plausible to mass-produce stylish, cost-effective alternatives to the sea of imported landfill fodder that routinely wastes the world’s finite resources.

Trial blazing a futuristic business model that champions genuinely economical design, manufacture and distribution over the wasteful current trend of centralised far-eastern manufacture and global distribution, Move-it will prove that producing short-life products from long-life materials then shipping them 5K miles is a short-sighted and imminently redundant practise that is unnecessarily costly in real terms.

Through it’s ground-breaking innovations in the field of cardboard engineering, Move-it acts as a catalyst, developing new markets for industrial cardboards, and forging new links between multinational packaging giants and previously untapped sectors in retail. Unorthodox treatments, combinations and tooling have allowed the materials to come of age: From the ubiquitous but invisible, to a compelling, chic alternative to composites, plastics, and wood, providing a new platform for radical, low environmental impact product design and refreshing progress toward halting finite resource depletion for corporate gain.



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